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The Vienna Chamber Diaries is Jazz CD of the month in the November issue of the german Audio magazine.

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Trio for Violin, Cello and

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"Berauer’s Piano Trio No. 1 is a skillful, even challenging, piece ... tightly constructed and well ordered, giving it a certain inevitability."


Washington Post, 17.6.2011 



Three Chants for Cello Solo

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Duets for Cimbalon students.

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In “The Vienna Chamber Diaries” I fuse my two musical souls into one project: Jazz and contemporary classical music. The album is a blend of subtle chamber music, high-energy improvisation, groove and intricate polyphonic writing.


The music has been written (mostly) over the course of a year, marking very personal experiences and reflections – hence the title. Like diary entries each composition paints a unique story for the listener to discover.


The album is released on Wolfgang Muthspiel´s Label "Material Records".


It is a very special project, recorded in december 2012 by an ensebmle of incredible musicians from both the jazz and the classical world:


Wolfgang Muthspiel – electric, accoustic & baritone guitar
Klaus Gesing – soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Gwilym Simcock – piano 

Johannes Dickbauer – violin

Florian Eggner – cello

Matthias Bartolomey – cello
Thomas Frey – flute, piccolo flute, alto flute
Paul Kaiser – oboe
Christian Bakanic – accordion

Vienna Chamber Diaries - CD TEASER

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