Johannes Berauer's Hourglass

The Music

The Band


Thomas Gould – Violin
Mike Walker – Guitar
Gwilym Simcock – Piano
Martin Berauer – Bass
Bernhard Schimpelsberger – Drums, Percussion

JB - Compositions

The Hourglass band is playground for Austrian composer Johannes Berauer. It features an exciting line up with Gwilym Simcock, member of Pat Metheny's current quartet, and Mike Walker who played with virtually everyone from Kenny Wheeler to Dave Holland are two of the finest musicians of the British Jazz Scene. Violinist Thomas Gould has been described as "one of the most talented and charismatic British violinists of the younger generation" excelling in both classical and contemporary repertoire as well as Jazz. Likewise Martin Berauer and Bernhard Schimpelsberger are two of the leading young musicians of Austria. Martin, living in Paris, is especially known for his expertise in the field of world music, and Bernhard, based in London, has built a reputation as a master of Indian Rhythms, which lead him to collaborations with artists like Akram Khan or Anoushka Shankar.


"powerful music and a thrilling live performance"

- London Jazz News

"it is simply great music, beautifully composed, but delivered with improvisatory flair by a quintet of top-notch musicians"
- Hugh C

LIVE Dates

1.9.18 Ambleside Days / Ambleside, UK

4.9.18 Watermill Jazz Club / Dorking, UK

5.9.18 King's Place / London, UK

6.9.18 Stapelford Granary / Cambridge, UK


5.12.18 Masterclass, RNCM, Manchester, UK

6.12.18 RNCM, Manchester, UK

7.12.18 The Attenborough Centre, Leicester, UK


3.2.19 Jazz im Sägewerk, Gastein, AT

4.2.19 Recording Session, BR Nürnberg, DE

5.2.19 Porgy & Bess, Wien, AT

6.2.19 Altes Theater, Steyr, At


23.10.19 Orpheum Graz, AT

24.10.19 Eremitage Schwaz, AT

25.10.19 Jazzclub Kammerlichtspiele Klagenfurt, AT

26.10.19 Blackbox Lounge Linz, AT


ON Hourglass


To me the hourglass stands for an island in time. When it's running, time freezes for a little while until the last grain of sand has slipped through.
For whatever reason it is we set the hourglass, whatever we plan to do in this period, it allows to enter into a space of no distraction. A space of focus and dedication. A personal space, a refuge in our otherwise overly hectic times.
This space is the nourishing ground for the creative mind, for the musician and the listener alike. In that sense music is like an hourglass itself. It offers the opportunity to dive into such a space and give in to one's inner experience. All you need is to let go and the willingness to open up to your own inner narrative. So set the hourglass and enjoy!  

(J. Berauer)

made possible with support of SKE Fond