“The Vienna Chamber Diaries”  is a fusion of my two musical souls – Jazz and contemporary classical music – into one project. The album is a blend of subtle chamber music, high-energy improvisation, groove and intricate polyphonic writing.


This unique project has been recorded in december 2012 by an ensebmle of incredible musicians from both the jazz and the classical world.


The album is released on Wolfgang Muthspiel´s Label "Material Records".


Past shows included Porgy & Bess Vienna, King's Place London or the festival "Jazz in the old town" Warsaw. Coming up in Feb. 2015 is a concert at the prestigious Vienna Musikverein.


the core group members are:

Johannes Dickbauer – violin

Florian Eggner – cello

Christian Bakanic – accordion

Johannes Berauer – piano 


special guests on the album (and for selected concerts):

Wolfgang Muthspiel – electric, accoustic & baritone guitar

Klaus Gesing – soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Gwilym Simcock – piano 

Matthias Bartolomey – cello

Thomas Frey – flute, piccolo flute, alto flute

Paul Kaiser – oboe

Vienna Chamber Diaries LIVE Trailer

with special guests Klaus Gesing (sax, bcl), Wolfgang Muthspiel (guit.), Herbert Maderthaner (ob.), Thomas Frey (fl.)

Free Fall – STUDIO Version

feat. Klaus Gesing (sax), Gwilym Simcock (pn.)

Spring Fling - STUDIO Version

feat. Wolfgang Mutshpiel (guit.), Klaus Gesing (sax), Gwilym Simcock (pn.)

Selected Shows

19.12.2013 Porgy & Bess Vienna, CD Presentation

                 (with Wolfgang Muthspiel & Klaus Gesing)

9.1.2014 King's Place London

                 (with Gwilym Simcock & Klaus Gesing)

23.8. Jazz in the Old Town, Warsaw


coming up:


27.2.2015 Musikverein Vienna