2006 / 07


20 min.


Violin, Cello, Piano


published by Doblinger


recorded by the Eggner Trio on Gramola


Winning piece of the 2006/07 New England Conservatory Piano Trio composition contest.


premiere: Musikverein Vienna, 16.2.2011

Eggner Trio



Program Notes:


The piece was composed for the Eggner Trio during my student days at Boston’s New England Conservatory. The four movements deal with different stages of life. The first is characterized by a child-like naiveté, the second by desire and longing for perfection. The material of the third is generated by strict compositional principles suggesting a higher order. The final movement is more grounded, yet playful and sums up what was heard previously. A concluding message might be the paradox that as long as one strives for something in life it is - by definition - not yet reached. Possibly accomplishments are only made by letting go and surrendering to the moment.

As a jazz influenced musician it is my aim to write music that - despite meticulous work on compositional details - evokes the impression it could be intuitively created in the moment and always remains emotionally accessible.

The trio was recorded by the Eggner Trio on their CD „Kaleidoskop“ for the Austrian label Gramola and published by Doblinger Vienna. It received several performances at venues such as the Vienna Musikverein or Jordan Hall in Boston.

Ethan Wood - Vln, Loewi Lin - Cello, Natalie Ehrlich - Pno

Jordan Hall, Boston